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What is a Never-Ending Story anyway ?
This is a participative novel-writing project which was kicked off by one of our Moderator. The story’s first chapter will set by one of our Moderator, and then we invite you to write the next paragraphs of the story. The best addendum to the story, gathered from your contributions, will be chosen by our Moderators, and published as the next installment to the story.
We again will write the next few paragraphs to set the story direction, then invite new contributions and so and so forth until the story begins to evolve and take shape.

In this sense, you’d be able to say that you have already written (in part, at least) your very own novel. Here at YOU, we encourage reader participation, and we see The Never-Ending Story as a way of letting you in on the action.

So catch the Never-Ending Story here in YOU and grab that chance to become a co-author of this participatory novel!

It is a choose-your-own-path story- like you might read in a book. But you can add to the story. Whatever you add will become part of it, anything you can think of.

We would apericiate, when you avoid any vulgare, nude, rude and adults stuff. In such case we keep the right to delete it anytime without pre notice.

Please don't add any comment or joke to the THREAD of this story. This will interrupt flow of story. If you have any suggestions, critics, and questions. Please feel free to ask here in this Thread but not in the Story Thread.

Thank you.

The following stories are waiting for you to add to them
Look more frequently here to see updates from other people.

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